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George Fosu, Founder

George A. Fosu
USA, Founder & Director

Martha Educational Foundation Inc. (MEF) is a non - profit, non-governmental, non-denominational organization founded in 2006, to help improve the quality of life for deprived individuals in society. MEF bring together African and American professionals to enhance progress in the communities, by establishing varieties of humanitarian projects. The ultimate goal of MEF is to empower and promote the poor to attain house hold security that is sufficient income for basic necessities of life: food, clothing, shelter and health standard through activities such as education, training, and other income generating ventures. Our partnerships with other organizations such as the VolunteerMatch, USAID (United State Agency For International Development), Carter Center, and many more, enable us to grow stronger and stay committed in building a better organization.

As a non profit organization, MEF depends solely on contributions from individuals, corporations, churches, and fundraising, as sources of income. With your generosity, it is possible to make a difference. Every person we train, assist or counsel, MEF is helping communities across America and Africa move one step closer to ending social injustices, inequalities, poverty, hunger and unemployment. We can only do this with your support.

Please take this opportunity to show your support by sending your cherished donations, or volunteering your time for this great course. We also encourage your sincere suggestions for our growth and development.

Your support as well as that of your friends would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Board of directors

Board - USA

George Awuah Fosu, Founder & CEO
Henry Anyimadu, MD, Health Director
Lawson Doomah, Administrator, Member
Paul Bissah, Accountant, Member
Jim DeLaMater, Operational, Member
Tyler Driver, Executive Director, The Extension, Member

Coordinators of the CPE Program:

Professor Emmanuel Y. Lartey,
Emory University, Atlanta

Rev. Dr. Jacob Atuahene-Nsowaah,   Director of Pastoral Care & Counseling Methodist Health System, Dallas Texas.

Board - Ghana

William Appiah, Local President
Anthony Gyambiby, Lawyer, MemberAkwasi Anyanful, PhD., Member

Personnel - Ghana

Helious Makafui Dablu
**Director, Peep- Ters Institute: Extension Integrative Therapy

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