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Psycological Center in Ghana


To treat the personality of the individul because the personality is the soil in which addiction, mood disorders and other behavioural problems are planted. Peep-ters purpose is to tend that soil to make the personality fertile so that recovery will grow deep roots and blossom.

Our vision is to become the replicable model of success in Africa and beyond for prevention, intervention, rehabilitation and treatment of drug and alcohol dependency and behavioural health concerns.

In Ghana the demand for long-term recovery services for all men and women, regardless of ability to pay for services, is far greater than our capacity. We also know that there are others in adjoining communities and beyond who are desperate for help.

A program of Martha Educational Foundation (NGO operating in Ghana and USA), Peep-Ters Institute offers a continuum of care to address behavioural health and chemical dependency issues.

Peep-Ters Institute is strategically located in Akrade, near Akosombo (Ghana Vatican City) in the Eastern Region. Only a half hour drive to the Volta Region and an hour to Accra, Ghana’s capital city.

The center is a joint project of MEF and The Extension (USA), based on The Extension’s successful model.

The set-up encourages freedom of interaction between providers and clients, by providing a residential homelike environment, with a serene atmosphere that promotes successful recovery. The set-up also reduces stigma and discrimination and encourages professionals and everyday
individuals to have access to deal with their psychological health. After rehabilitation, clients may be matched with potential agencies for employment opportunities.

Referrals call Director of Services at: 02-894-8971
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Change the way Psychological care, drugs, and alcohol addiction are managed in Ghana and West Africa.

Provide Trust Fund for free treatment to poor and deprived families. To Collaborate with Educational Institutions to advance the practice of Counselling and Psychotherapy as a treatment option in West African.

To Encourage Behavioural Health Care Professionals to visit and volunteer their time at Peep-Ters Institute and experience Ghanaian rich Cultural, historical and renowned African Hospitality.

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